Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Many of us can be stubborn, frustrated, and reluctant to strive to get fit and improve our body’s appearance. But we know how and why people fail these programs and all the mistakes they make along the way, and how to stop them from happening.

Can't I Lose Weight

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if you ever wonder why you can’t stick to a diet or exercise program, here’s what your problem might be.

You are not setting realistic goals

Biting off more than you can chew is the biggest recipe for failure. In the world of weight loss, the biggest mistake is being unreal about yourself. Most people set themselves up for failure by setting unattainable goals.

This is especially true if you don’t have any previous experience! Someone who eats junk food and doesn’t train, does all the wrong things, and then suddenly within a week decides to start exercising, eating healthy and doing all those things he didn’t do, he always ends up frustrated and with no progress.

Do you want instant results

If you’ve ever done a workout and wondered why you don’t have a six pack abs afterward, you’re not alone. We are in this world of instant results, where everyone wants something overnight!

Don’t expect to lose weight faster than you’ve gained before. Imagine that you have gained 25 kilos in the last five years, but after a week of training, you already think: “I did everything” and you are already frustrated.

It’s only been a week. Did you gain 25 pounds in one week? So don’t expect the opposite to happen.

you are not being honest with yourself

Be honest and work with reality. If you haven’t been in the gym for a decade, you won’t train every day from now on unless you’re hypermotivated and have superhuman determination.

You need to choose the specific steps, plan and tools of what you can reasonably accomplish. Don’t follow any plan just because someone you know has succeeded in doing it.

you are making excuses

The biggest problem is the excuses. Everyone has an excuse. It could be your thyroid, or your busy everyday life. But everyone has time to watch Netflix, but no one has time to exercise.

When you tell inspiring stories like these , you realize there are no excuses. If you really want something, you will get it.

The solution

“Limit yourself” is probably not the weight loss advice you were hoping for, but it makes sense. Set realistic goals. Set one or two small goals a week, such as eating a healthy breakfast every day and drinking more water.

Once you feel you’ve mastered that little task (which may be harder than you think), only then should you start to address more responsibilities.

You can set up training twice a week for a month. After that month, try training three times a week… Progress in smaller steps. Get rid of excuses and set yourself up for success. This is how you stop yourself from failing on the weight loss journey.

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