Where To Stay In Barcelona For First Time Visit? (2022)

It’s also known as “La Pedrera (Casa Mila)” as the building has a facade of limestone. The goal with this design was to evoke the sense of a snowy mountain. Gaudí, himself a Catholic and a devotee of the Virgin Mary, also planned for the Casa Milà to be a spiritual symbol. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Kiddle encyclopedia articles are based on selected content and facts from Wikipedia, edited or rewritten for children. Since the arrival of democracy, the Catalan language has been promoted, both by recovering works from the past and by stimulating the creation of new works.


It was a home without equal, but not one most people would feel comfortable living in. Montjuïc is a broad shallow hill with a relatively flat top to the southwest of the city center. The eastern side of the hill is almost a sheer cliff, giving it a commanding view over the city’s harbor immediately below. The top of the hill was the site of several fortifications, the latest of which remains today. One for the sports fans, yet still one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions.


The rooftop also shouldn’t be missed, both for the striking chimney designs and the stellar city views (which take in many other Gaudí works). Visit the cloister and the crypt, where you’ll see, respectively, 13 contented geese and the remains of the 13-year-old martyr Eulàlia, to whom the cathedral is dedicated. Alexandra was first bitten by the travel bug when she studied abroad in Seville, Spain, in 2013. Since then, she graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor of arts in journalism and a double minor in Spanish and music.

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Few people don’t enjoy a visit to the FC Barcelona Museum, housed in Camp Nou, the holy ground at which legendary soccer club FC Barcelona plays its matches. FCB’s ubiquitous fame means many visitors travel Barcelona with the specific goal of visiting the museum to pay homage to the team they love. This site is a surprise top-five finisher because in 2013, the Born CC only had about 675,000 visitors. The site is home to artifacts of daily life from the lat 17th century and the early 18th century, right around the time Catalonia was fighting for its independence. The artifacts were discovered when excavators were preparing to build a neighborhood market. With the ruins popping around every corner, the market plan was scrapped and the facility was turned into what is now the city’s third most popular tourist attraction.


Traditional food in Barcelona city but even more enjoyable after a long hike in the countryside. Not one but two dishes combined that are so intimately related. This broth is served as the first course in the form of a soup that includes pasta or noodles.


The completed section of the church is open to all who wish to view it, as are the completed towers. In addition, a small museum exists within the building where one can find scale models and drawings showing the plans for the construction of the building. On selected evenings, when the fountain is activated, it attracts hundreds of visitors who watch the spectacular display of light, water and music. At the same time, the Palau National is illuminated, providing a beautiful background. Add Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, as it’s officially known, to the list of beautiful Gothic buildings in Barcelona.


Besides being designed with impeccably clear acoustics, this performance space is a colorful wonder, complete with a chandelier centerpiece hanging from the middle of the ceiling. Set a little ways out from the city center, this summer chalet was just opened up to the public in 2017 and is a splendid place to visit. Casa Milà is certainly one of Gaudí’s most iconic works and can’t be missed!


Barcelona beach was listed as number one in a list of the top ten city beaches in the world according to National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Barcelona contains seven beaches, totalling 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles) of coastline. Sant Sebastià, Barceloneta and Somorrostro beaches, both 1,100 m in length, are the largest, oldest and the most-frequented beaches in Barcelona.

In the words of the club’s motto, FC Barcelona is more than a club. If you weren’t certain of Gaudí’s importance to the Catalan people or the city of Barcelona, surely you must be convinced now. The visionary architect is responsible for more than 7.6 million visits to Barcelona’s top-10 sites. In fact, between La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, Gaudi accounts nearly as many site visits than the the six other sites on the top-10 list combined.

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