Is your memory bad? Find out how to improve

You open the fridge and don’t remember what you were going to get. He turns on his cell phone, but gets distracted and doesn’t even remember what he was going to do. He meets someone he knows on the street, but he can’t remember the person’s name. Or, you forget to do what the boss asked. You need to improve your memory , huh?

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It’s when our memory fails and gets us into awkward situations that we see how important it is. So let’s learn what

can help improve the issue:

1. Reduce added sugar consumption

Studies have already shown that the more sugar a person consumes, the smaller their brain mass. That is, the number

of neurons in the brain decreases. This happens quite significantly in the memory region.

Therefore, for those who have a bad memory, it is very worthwhile to reduce both the consumption of table sugar

and industrialized products and sweets filled with sugar. Do you find this too difficult? So, know the

tricks to kick the sweets and sugar addiction .

2. Keep an eye on your omega-3 intake

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The nutrient is a good fat, very important for the brain. Each neuron is surrounded by a so-called myelin sheath,

which is a layer of fat. The type of fat that is most present in the diet can change the composition of the myelin sheath.

So, it had better be healthy fat, right? Omega-3 is an anti-inflammatory fat that helps protect the brain and

improve memory.

3. Meditate to relieve stress

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Stress makes memory worse. But do you know something cost-free and effortless that can help relieve stress?

It’s meditation. By the way, the activity also has interesting impacts on memory and the brain.

Meditation increases the amount of gray matter in the brain, precisely the mass that has a relationship with

neurons and good memory.Don’t know how to meditate? You can start with something simple: sit in a comfortable

position, close your eyes so you don’t get distracted, and focus on your breathing as you exhale and inhale.

4. Control the weight

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Being overweight can generate some genetic alteration related to memory, which can worsen memory.

Excess fat is pro-inflammatory, therefore, it impairs the proper functioning of the brain.

Studies have shown that some overweight people have a lower cognitive ability to retain memory.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleeping well is very important because sleep has a restorative and regenerating role. It makes you accumulate

the learnings you received throughout the day in the form of lasting memory. In other words, sleep turns short

memory into lasting memory.

Thus, it is essential to have good quality sleep, lasting at least seven hours a night. In other words, a night’s

sleep in which you wake up many times during the night or tossing and turning in bed with worry

doesn’t solve the problem.Have you been having trouble sleeping? So, know tips to sleep well . If none

of this resolves, seek medical help.

6. Moderate your intake of refined carbohydrates

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Excessive consumption of high glycemic index refined carbohydrates such as white noodles, white bread,

confectionery and sweets is also problematic. Studies have shown that the more of these carbohydrates you

consume, the worse your cognitive ability and memory. Therefore, it is ideal to replace refined carbohydrates

with healthier carbohydrates. That is, complex carbohydrates with lower glycemic index .

7. Ensure vitamin D to the body

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Studies have indicated that very low levels of vitamin D can impair cognitive ability, impair memory and information

storage in the brain, and facilitate the development of some types of dementia.It is possible to provide vitamin D

to the body through exposure to the sun and consumption of vitamin D foods . Anyone who thinks they have low

levels of the nutrient and need to take a vitamin D supplement should consult their doctor.

The professional will indicate a blood test, as it is through this test that you can confirm whether there really

is a lack of the nutrient. If there is, the doctor will indicate the ideal supplement, as well as the correct dosage

for the patient.Do not take vitamin D supplements without consulting your doctor because too much

vitamin D is also bad .

Heads up

While all of this can impact memory, there are other factors that impair it. So, if none of these tips work,

or if you think your memory problem is unrelated to them, seek medical help quickly.

That way, if there’s another, more serious issue behind your memory problems, you can

already start to address it efficiently.

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