Is Warm Lemon Water Really Good for You

Lemon water won’t detox or energize you, However, it may affect your body in other ways.

According to anecdotes, drinking warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice can be detoxifying, energizing, and soothing.

Both water and lemon juice are healthy on their own. Do they get healthier if combined? The short answer is no.

Drinking lemon water could cause you long-term harm. It’s unlikely.


Vitamin C is a vital nutrient found in lemon juice. It’s well-known that scurvy can be caused by vitamin C deficiencies. This condition is most often associated with seafarers who could not access fresh fruits and vegetables during long voyages.

Is Warm Lemon Water Really Good for You

Recently, we have noticed low levels of vitamin A in Australia. For example, in a hospital or referred to for surgery. This may not be indicative of vitamin C levels in the wider community. These people could have also had a lower vitamin C intake due to the same factors that caused their poor health.

Drinking lemon water can help you get more vitamin C if you have a low intake. Vitamin C begins to degrade around 30-40. This would slightly impact the levels of warm lemon water but not too alarming.

You will get enough vitamin C from your diet. Any extra you take in via your urine will be converted to oxalate.


Research has shown that lemon juice could have other health benefits.

One study showed that people with high blood cholesterol (cholesterol), who consumed lemon juice for eight weeks, did not experience any changes in blood pressure, weight, or blood lipid levels.

In another study, drinking lemon juice with bread resulted in a slight decrease in blood glucose levels than consuming tea or water. A small study showed that 30g of lemon juice mixed with water was equivalent to eating rice.

Consuming lemon juice with carbohydrates can cause blood glucose to rise.
Research suggests that lemon juice’s acidity inhibits salivary amylase enzymes in your saliva. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down starch in the mouth.

It takes starch to be broken down to glucose in your gut and transported through the intestinal wall to your bloodstream. This may help people with diabetes lower blood sugar spikes, although it hasn’t been tested.

Other studies have shown that lemons contain other nutrients that could help prevent diabetes.

You can get the same benefits from lemon juice by adding it to your food.


The body does its own detox without lemon water. It removes toxins and excess nutrients from the liver and then excretes them via the kidneys.

Vitamin C does not appear to do this. Lemon water is not believed to detoxify you. A liver transplant is the best option for those who need a detox.

Does lemon juice energize you? The short answer is no, except for the placebo effect of drinking something good for you. You could feel depleted of energy, as with all nutrients.

Lemon water is a soothing beverage. Some people prefer warm lemon water, while others prefer cold. The temperature at which fluids are most easily absorbed is the best.


Is Warm Lemon Water Really Good for You

Lemon water is an acidic beverage, so there are concerns about the possibility of it eroding tooth enamel. This is not a problem for acidic drinks such as fizzy drinks or orange juice.

Some dentists recommend precautions to minimize the chance of acid erosion.

After drinking lemon water, rinse your mouth with tap water.

To stimulate saliva production, chew sugar-free gum.

Lemon water should not be consumed immediately.

Drinking through a straw is a way to avoid contacting your teeth.

According to some doctors, lemon water can cause irritation of the bladder. This could make people feel more frequent urinating, especially at night. They recommend that you switch to plain water if this is the case.

One study that looked at various drinks, including lemon beverages, did not find any effects on bladder irritation when people decreased their intake.

Some claim that lemon water causes acid reflux (heartburn). However, this theory has not been proven.


Drink lemon water if you like it! You don’t have to drink it if you like it.

Vitamin C can also be obtained from other citrus fruits and other vegetables. Lemon juice can also be added to meats, vegetables, and salads.

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