Children Moving Schools, What Parents Need To Prepare So It Doesn’t End Up Being Traumatized

It is common for children to change schools, but that does not mean that children can be trauma free if parents do not help prepare their children mentally.

When it comes to children transferring schools, what I remember most is the scene from the movie Inside Out, where Riley, the main character who also happens to be in her pre-teen age, is forced to move house and change schools. This makes his emotions become unstable even to the point of wanting to run away from home. Yes, even though it looks simple, or maybe in the eyes of parents, changing schools is the best choice, not necessarily for children. However, there are ways to make this less traumatic for the child.

The main key is to involve children, even from the start  husbands decide to change residence or change schools. Avoid being secretive and keeping the fact that you and your family will be moving, either domicile or just changing schools. By involving as many children as possible in this transfer process, children will feel that they are heard, children will understand that their feelings are not trivial.

The rest, the following list you can apply.

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Preparation before the child transfers school

  • Communication with the school

Make sure you have spoken to the principal and the child’s class teacher first, both at the old school and the new school. This will help Parents take care of the transfer process.

  • Keep a digital journal or scrapbook filled with memories

Do not underestimate the sweet memories that children have fostered in their old school, even though this transfer is something that must be done. Children have the right to keep memories of the things that they have enjoyed with their friends and teachers.

  • Save the data of close friends so that children can keep in touch

Nowadays, everything is made easy, you can save it digitally, including your home address, email, telephone number, and even social media accounts.

  • Move for a better change

If the process of moving schools is due to changing domicile, of course Mom must have planned a new school for children that is close to their current school, both in terms of curriculum and values ​​at the school. However, if the transfer occurs because of something that has to be done, for example, the child has a problem that makes him have to find a new school, then make sure this transfer is done for a better future for the child.

  • Things that support the teaching and learning process in the new school

This includes finding facilities that support the preparation of children in their new school, for example, if a child has to move abroad, he or she needs to be assisted by taking an introductory language class before entering school.

Preparation for entering a new school

  • Help children settle in

When you’re done with the transfer process, take the time to help your child adapt, including taking care of some things at their new school.

  • Meeting with the principal and homeroom teacher

Even though the transfer process to a new school may go smoothly without a hitch, you are obliged to arrange a meeting with the principal and homeroom teacher of the child in the first 1-2 weeks to monitor the condition of the child while attending lessons.

  • Set foot in children’s school facilities!

What are the canteen, library, children’s school sports field like? Although on average all of this is posted on the online site of a child’s school, it never hurts to visit it in person so that you really know the environment that children face on a daily basis.

  • Help children choose activities outside of school

Children may still need guidance in choosing the activities they want. Starting again from 0 is definitely not easy, especially if at the previous school the child had a lot of achievements. To be sure, continue to support the child to do the activities he likes.

IMPORTANT: Guaranteeing your presence, not guaranteeing your child’s happiness

An important but often overlooked thing due to being too focused on the moving process itself is the presence of parents. Of course, you can’t guarantee that your child will be happier in their new school, but your presence who can understand your child’s uncomfortable feelings when he becomes a “new person” is far more important and more needed.

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