Barcelona Bucket List

Be careful leaving your smoothie bowl unattended around Mathilde though; she’s quick with that too. The most visited place in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia with over 4.7 million visitors in 2019. It’s good to get lost sometimes, but it’s also good not to get too lost.

Sagrada Familia & Towers Guided Tour Explore Barcelona’s iconic symbol during a 2-hour guided tour with fast track entry and climb to the top of one of its 65-meter-tall towers. Barcelona Layover Tour Make the most of your stopover in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city with Barcelona Layover Tour. Private Trip from Barcelona If you are staying in Barcelona, you can’t miss our fantastic private trip to the beautiful locations of Girona, Montserrat, or Andorra. Catalunya en Miniatura Ticket When you buy a ticket for Catalonia en Miniatura, you will discover amazing models of famous sights such as the Sagrada Familia and Tibidabo. ArticketBCN Museum Pass The ArticketBCN pass gives you fast track entry to the best six art museums in Barcelona without having to queue or purchasing several tickets. Is a travel card that offers unlimited access to Barcelona’s public transport system, including the metro, public buses and commuter trains.


Barcelona also boasts an extensive motorway network and is a hub of high-speed rail. Barcelona is served by a comprehensive local public transport network that includes a metro, a bus network, two separate modern tram networks, a separate historic tram line, and several funiculars and aerial cable cars. The Barcelona Metro network comprises nine lines, identified by an “L” followed by the line number as well as by individual colors.


August can be very hot in Barcelona, and many of the locals take this time to vacation in the mountains or the surrounding coastal towns, where more time can be spend lounging on the beach. The Festes de la Merce, one of the biggest festivals in Barcelona, takes place in September and features traditional Catalan music and food. Bustling with tourists and locals alike, La Rambla is Barcelona’s most famous walking street, and for good reason. With a transport hub both underground and above ground, and being close to several Barcelona attractions, it is an ideal meeting spot for locals and tourists. Leaders have agreed to allow vaccinated tourists to visit European countries this summer without quarantining. News of the plan prompted an immediate 47% surge in searches for flights to Europe, according to travel analytics firm Hopper.


Cemetery visits anywhere can help cultivate an appreciation for those who came before us. Graveyards don’t have to be gloomy – instead, consider their artistic value. In Poblenou and Montjuïc, the largest cemeteries in Barcelona, you can find examples of a marvellous array of architectural styles, funerary art and permanent works by renowned artists.


Located just off Plaza Catalunya and leading right down towards the port and beach, visitors will find street performers, lots of bars and restaurants and the fabulous Boquería Market, a true feast for the eyes. Add Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, as it’s officially known, to the list of beautiful Gothic buildings in Barcelona. The church also known as Barcelona Cathedral or La Seu because it’s the seat of the archbishop. It was designed to be a place where younger artists could explore contemporary art, with Miro’s own works providing the nucleus for this study. The foundation opened in a modern building in 1975 and is a good place to see a great collection of Miro’s work in one place. There is also a flourishing handicraft market which is perfect for souvenir shopping.


Casa Vicens Gaudí Tickets Designed by Antonio Gaudí, Casa Vicens is an outstanding example of the ´modernista´ buildings in the Gracia neighbourhood. Montserrat Half-Day Trip & Cogwheel Train Ride Set off on a 5-hour trip to Montserrat from Barcelona. When you get to the bottom of the holy mountain take a cogwheel train ride to Montserrat Abbey. Barcelona Wax Museum Entrance Ticket Meet the replicas of the most famous characters and sets from your favourite series and films with this Barcelona Wax Museum Entrance Ticket.

The big holy gaff was constructed across the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries, so if you consider yourself a bit of a head of the old gothic buildings, this is a good one. When tourists travel to Barcelona, there are so many things to see or do that you can visit for a day tour and you’ll have plenty in your itinerary. The center for the old city of Barcelona is one of the first things you need to go to if you want to see plenty of attractions in one spot. You will also delight in the ruins of Roman settlement in the area combined with the Catalan modernista architecture. This type of architecture is closely linked to the Art Nouveau movement in Europe. A 19th-century opera hall, the Palau de la Musica Catalana is the creation of yet another famous Catalan artist and architect, Lluis Domenech i Montaner.


Do ensure you stay in registered accommodation; illegal lets are not subject to the small tourist tax and contribute to the rising cost of rent in Barcelona. Learn a few words of Catalan, too; there is a strong regional identity here, and saying “bon dia” rather than “buenos dias”, “gràcies” rather than “gracias” and “adéu” rather than “adios”, will show respect for your hosts. The first step to dealing with any problem is recognising that there is a problem in the first place.

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