Age-Appropriate Male Sperm Quality, Is It Really Stay Primed Until Old Age?

Although produced until the end of life, the quality of a man’s sperm is not always the same at every stage of age. What happens if sperm quality decreases?

As women, it is not uncommon for us to hear the suggestion that women are married not too old, giving birth to children should pay attention to age, because the quality of eggs if the older is decreasing.

Then, it comes to mind that if a woman’s age affects the quality of the egg, how about the sperm produced by men? If there is an effect, why is it rare for men to be ‘demanded’ to marry before a certain age?

Back again to the original question, is it true that the quality of a man’s sperm can always be excellent from time to time?

The best sperm in the fertile age range

The answer, according to Dr Jon adiana Working as a Consultant- General Urologist & Andrologist, is not. There are a number of things that can affect the quality of sperm in a person’s body, such as age and lifestyle factors.

” That’s why, the quality of sperm in a person’s body is not always the same from time to time. But broadly speaking, the best sperm quality can be obtained in the fertile age range, which is between 25-40 years,” explained Dr.

The quality of this sperm, can be measured using a spermiogram test (sperm analysis test). According to the standards of the world health agency WHO, there are three parameters that can be used to measure sperm quality, namely:

  1. Amount (concentration)
  2. speed (motility)
  3. Form (morphology).

“As long as the person has excellent physical health and sexual health, the spermiogram image does not show any difference in the sperm quality of men aged 20, 30, and 40 years,”

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