9 characteristics of physically and psychologically healthy children pay attention to moms


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When your little one is born, you want everything to be perfect, from his physique to his nutritional needs, so that he grows up to be a

healthychild. Moms and Dads do various ways to make their little ones become healthy children.

They are starting from bringing children for regular check-ups to the doctor, completing immunizations, to providing them with

nutrition to support their growth and development. Healthy children are measured from the outside and the inside. That is,

children should be healthy in terms of physical and psychological, so that health problems and the growth and development

of the little one can be detected as quickly as possible, parents need to know the characteristics of a healthy child from a physical

and mental point of view.

Characteristics of Physically Healthy Children

Physically healthy children mean the child is in a prime condition with good growth. The characteristics of physically healthy children, namely:

1. Good Growth

As a child gets older, of course their development and growth will also increase from all aspects. The growth and development of the Little One can in fact be considered from two aspects, such as:

  • Growing which describes the physical changes in the Little One.
  • Development that describes the ability of the structure and function of the body to be more complex.

The growth of a healthy child’s height will develop gradually every year. Launching the American Academy of Pediatrics , the ideal average height gain for children is:

  • Infants 0–12 months: 25 cm
  • Children aged 1–2 years: 13 cm
  • Children aged 2-3 years: 9 cm
  • 4 years old to puberty: 5 cm per year

In addition, a healthy child’s weight will also continue to increase according to the child’s growth stage. The following is the average weight gain in children:

  • Infants 0–6 months: 140–200 grams weekly
  • Infants aged 6–12 months: 85–140 grams weekly
  • Children aged 1–2 years: 2.5 kg annually
  • Children aged 2–5 years: 2 kg annually
  • Children aged 5 years to puberty: 2-3 kg per year

2. Actively Doing Activities

The little one is actively moving is a sign that the child is healthy and growing well.

Physical activity is a series of body movements to burn energy obtained from food. Examples are sports , such as walking, swimming, or cycling. Healthy children who are active tend to have a stronger metabolism.

A study of The Journal of Pediatrics , shows that actively moves, the child’s body will go more smoothly absorb nutrients to muscles and

bones strong, digestion becomes more smoothly so it does not easily experienced constipation.

3. Healthy Physical Appearance

The characteristics of physically healthy children can also be seen from their appearance, such as:

  • When spoken to, healthy children will show responsive eye contact.
  • A healthy child’s tongue is red.
  • Lips that don’t look dry.
  • Healthy looking skin, not too dry, bumpy, or scaly.
  • The scalp is not smelly or lice.
  • Nails are clean and not easily broken.
  • Scented mouth.
  • Hair that doesn’t fall out.
  • Teeth are not cavities or tartar.

4. Have a Good Appetite

When it’s time to eat, healthy children tend to be enthusiastic and ravenous with the food menu that will be consumed, The little

one also does not experience chewing disorders, especially in children over one year old, If they are still babies, the health of

children can be seen from their desire to suck and ask for frequent feedings, This shows that the child has neither deficiency

nor excess, which can help meet the value of nutritional intake and a good digestive system

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Characteristics of Psychologically Healthy Children

The characteristics of a healthy child are not only seen physically, Moms, but must be seen from the psychological condition as well.

Sometimes, it is difficult for Moms to know the psychological condition of whether the child is really healthy or not, So here are the

characteristics of a mentally healthy child:

5. Have Stable Emotions

Emotion is a self-ability, both for adults and children, which is useful for understanding the condition of oneself and others around.

Without emotions, a person may have difficulty understanding what is happening to himself or others, When your little one has stable

emotions, this is a sign of a psychologically healthy child. They will be calmer and polite to the people they meet. a  fussy attitude in

children of course sometimes appears, but a psychologically healthy child will subside faster. Your little one can also express what

they are feeling clearly without screaming and crying .

6. Concentration and Focus

Concentrating on what is being done is certainly an easy thing for a mentally healthy child. This is because focus requires

concentration and peace of mind that only mentally healthy little ones have.Meanwhile, children who have mental illness

will find it difficult to face or focus on anything because they are often anxious and afraid.

7. Always Confident

Psychological health can also be seen from the self-confidence that exists in children. Launching the National Science Foundation ,

healthychildren who have self-confidence always dare to do new things without fear of failure. This confidence will also make

children easy to get along with and make friends with many people without having doubts or feelings of inferiority.

8. Easy to Learn

The next characteristic of psychologically healthy children is that they are easy to learn new things and are responsive when asked.

Healthy children also often ask a lot of questions indicating their desire to learn. Children look for opportunities to learn wherever

they are, thereby further developing their minds and intelligence.

9. Enough Sleep

Rest time plays an important role in the characteristics of a mentally healthy child. Ideally, with adequate rest every little one’s

organs get a cooling time, so that their thoughts and feelings are also more stable and not moody .


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Of course, Moms want children to grow according to the characteristics of healthy children above Therefore, the fulfillment of

nutrition and nutrition is vital.These nutrients will give positive things to the child’s body, starting from maintaining the

child’s health, supporting the growth and development of the child’s brain, as well as increasing the child’s body immunity.Indeed

keeping children in good health may sound impossible.Sometimes children can get sick, and this condition is average.However

you still need to try and give your best so that the risk of your child getting sick will be reduced.


     Well, that’s the characteristics of a physically and psychologically healthy child. If your little one does not show the above characteristics, you should consult a doctor!

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