5 signs you need to drink more water

Did you know that feeling thirsty can be a sign that you are dehydrated? Water is essential for the body to perform its vital functions. 

Thus, the lack of it can cause several problems for the body, including dehydration.

Dehydration occurs when the fluids lost by the body during the day are not replaced by drinking water. So, when you lose a lot of water,

the body is out of balance and dehydrated.

However, before that happens, the body triggers some signals to warn that you are drinking too little water. Do you know what

they are? We’ve put together seven signals your body gives you that you need to drink more water!

1. Headaches

Have you ever had episodes of headaches or migraines without knowing why? A headache is the body’s first apparent sign that

you are dehydrated!

It occurs because the lack of water in the body ends up decreasing blood flow and preventing the circulation of oxygen to the

extremities of the body. Thus, the brain also receives less oxygen, causing its blood vessels to dilate, swell and swell, causing

the headache.

drink more water

2. Tiredness, bad mood and indisposition

The lack of water in the body also causes fatigue. Feeling sudden tiredness, constant mood swings, being often indisposed, as

well as having difficulty concentrating and decreased productivity can be signs that your body is giving you to drink more water.

Decreased oxygen to the brain caused by dehydration can also cause drowsiness and lethargy, leaving you feeling tired and unwell.

3. Slow metabolism

Staying hydrated speeds up metabolism, helping with energy expenditure and even weight loss, when combined with good

eating habits and physical activity.

Thus, not drinking water reduces the body’s metabolic capacity, making the body work more slowly.


4. Constipation

Water consumption is essential for the proper functioning of the intestine. A fundamental part of intestinal transit, it helps

in the lubrication of the walls of the organ and in the movement of the fecal cake, ensuring the passage of feces until evacuation.

Thus, in addition to making digestion slower and heavier, the lack of water in the body can cause accumulations in the large

intestine, causing constipation, better known as constipation.

5. Dry mouth and skin

Visible symptoms of dehydration, dry skin and mouth show that you urgently need water.

For the skin, low water intake causes loss of elasticity, as well as impairing adequate sweat production, preventing impurities

and toxins from being eliminated from the body.

Water also lubricates the lining of the mouth and throat, preventing excessive dryness and bad breath.

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